Dunne and Crescenzi: The Cookbook

dandcbookBlurb from the book:

'Dunne and Crescenzi: The Menu’ is a collection of recipes for diners to enjoy from home, showcasing the most popular dishes from the well-loved Dunne and Crescenzi on Dublin’s South Frederick Street. Based on the foundations of Italian cooking – a respect for traditional cooking methods and the use of fresh, quality ingredients - the recipes in ‘The Menu’ range from simple and delicious antipasti, bruschetta, soups and salads to a variety of scrumptious pastas, lasagnas, polentas and risottos, as well as a selection of succulent meat and fish dishes - and, of course, rich desserts to finish. Selected by Eileen Dunne, one half of the restaurateur tour de force that revolutionised the Italian dining scene in Ireland, this cookbook, full of life and flavour, is a must for food fans.

If you would like a copy of Dunne and Crescenzi: The Menu, they are available online, by email from our booking office or direct from our restaurants for €19.50.


Georgina Campbell said:

'For any cooks as yet unfamiliar with the restaurant, it is a lovely introduction and an excellent general Italian reference, as the range is wide and balanced – antipasti, bruschetta, soups and salads, pasta dishes, polenta, risottos, meat and fish dishes are all here plus, of course, some mouthwatering desserts'


Ernie Whalley, of the popular www.forkncork.com said:

'The book is simply a celebration of the food served in D&C, recipes and all and that food is an extension of Eileen and Stefano’s home kitchen and those of their relatives, friends and the Italian chefs they employ...The recipes are there not for you to admire; they are for you to cook with and, as befits the Italian idiom, there’s nothing in the book that even a beginner would find difficult to replicate. In fact you could pack it with your son or daughter’s belongings when they leave home and be sure they wouldn’t starve.'


John McKenna, one half of the Bridgestone Guides, had this to say:

 'The girl who went to Rome as an art student in 1975 was, with the opening of D&C, once again choosing the path of art as the path for herself and her partner. The path of art was always going to be her life path. ‘Dunne & Crescenzi: The Menu” is the latest element of that life as art.'



Looking for an excerpt from the book? Check out our recipe for Spaghetti al pomodoro e basilico.



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