Festa Cookbook: A year of Italian Celebrations

Eileen Dunne Crescenzi’s second cook book ‘Festa’, captures Eileen’s many happy years living la dolce vita, it explores her adventure with Italian food, culture and celebrations as a youthful adolescent to her mature days as an adult. It reminds the reader of the importance of the traditional family dinner where the table is the centre and the conversation and laughter are the main ingredients.  This book will assist you while you create your own special memories which will cherish for years to come. ‘In Italy, eating translates into saporous feasts, merriment and chat, and all guilt free. I had travelled from purgatory to heaven.’ 

If you would like a copy of Festa: A year of Italian Celebrations, they are available online, by email from our booking office (info@dunneandcrescenzi.com) or direct from our restaurants for €25.00


Included in John and Sally McKennas'  -   Books of the Year 2015 Guide

"What is important about this book is the way in which it captures the jeux d’esprit of the founder of Dublin’s Dunne & Crescenzi restaurants. Inspired by an aunt “who was both brilliant and bold”, Ms Dunne headed off to Italy to go to art college, and the pell mell transformation of her life began. No other person manages to be both archetypal Dub, and archetypal Italian, and this synthesis explains the brilliance of the restaurants she runs with her husband, Stefano."




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