Maculan: The Story Behind the Wines

Monday, 22nd September 2014 | 0 comments

For three generations, the Maculan family have selected and produced wine from the best grapes in Breganze, a charming village at the foot of the Alps in the Veneto region. The mountains that surround the area protect from winds, creating an ideal climate for the cultivation of vineyards and olives.


Designed by Fausto Maculan, the winery is one of the most beautiful small wineries in Italy. It combines classic traditions and contemporary techniques using modern winemaking technology.

Family traditions are passed on- from using particular vineyards and the careful selection of grapes, to aging in oak barrels and maintaining the grapes on racks to produce Torcolato. This fusion results in a selection of deliciously fresh whites, well-balanced reds and exquisite dessert wines.


Next month, Dunne & Crescenzi will be welcoming Angela Maculan to host an exclusive wine tasting in Dunne & Crescenzi South Frederick Street and Sandymount.

All tickets to Dunne & Crescenzi South Frederick Street wine tasting are now sold out but there is still some availability for Dunne & Crescenzi in Sandymount on Tuesday 7th October.


To secure your place, email or call Joanna on 01 524 0628. 

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