10 cases (60 x 0.75cl bottles) Lauretana Sparkling Water

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The Lightest Water in Europe


Lauretana is a natural Alpine water, sourced at over one thousand metres. It has natural diuretic properties and recommended for those respecting a sodium free diet and is simply delightfully refreshing.





Directly bottled at the source , to keep unaltered all its organoleptic qualities and without any risk of contamination.

The classification of the mineral water depends on the quantity of residue of salts , the so-called dry residue. It is measured after evaporating the water at 180° degrees : what remains , expressed in milligrams per litre , is the accumulation of salts characterizing it. With only 14 milligrams of dissolved solids per litre , Lauretana water is extremely light , the natural alternative to the hard waters and to the mineral ones with a high concentration of salts .

There is no other mineral or spring water in Europe that has got such low values.

Did you know that only 35% of inorganic minerals present in the water are bioavailable? This means that the quantity of essential minerals as for example calcium , magnesium and potassium dissolved in the water is really low and does not play any role in bringing minerals to the human body.

It is correct to assimilate the precious minerals from other sources of food as for example vegetables , cereals , legumes , from which the bioavailability is wider.*

Thanks to the very small concentration of salts , the absolute lack of heavy metals , as for example uranium and arsenic , and the scarcity of sodium , it is indicated for the whole family and it is advisable for hypertensives , for those who suffer from cardiac insufficiency , chronic renal failure, cellulitis and water retention as well as for younger children’s diet and for the recomposition of dried milk , since it does not alter the value of the nourishing components.

Lauretana Natural Mineral Sparkling Water - 10 cases / 60 x 0.75cl Bottles